Media är verkligen skyldig att svartmåla religionen Islam och kan inte välja sina ord...Islam och muslimer svartmålas till onda och våldsamma...ok. dom menar väl terrorister, men media vill aldrig skilja terrorister, islamister och vanliga muslimer från liksom klumpar alla i samma påse...och därför är media skyldig att ge läsarna i världen en negativ bild av alla muslimer och religion Islam...när folk läser, tror dom illa om Islam och vissa läsare är så knäppa ett dom tror att terrorism är Islam och det kan vi tacka media för...fyfan...

The Power Of Words: The Media's Contribution To Islamophobia
If there is an attack and the perpetrator is a so-called Muslim, it gets five times more coverage than were the perpetrator a non-Muslim.

In associating words such as ‘Islamist’ and ‘jihadist’ with each other – out of context – we are legitimising the claims of terrorists who claim to be attacking in the name of Islam. Islam has made it very clear that peace is the utmost priority. The Holy Qur’an states ‘…whosoever killed a person, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind; and whoso gave life to one, it shall be as if he had given life to all mankind.’[i] Indeed, this is not a verse that is taken lightly and it continues to be upheld in true Muslim communities. His Holiness, the current worldwide spiritual head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, recently said: ‘Thus, the truth is that Islam has always been diametrically opposed to any form of terrorism or extremism. Furthermore, whilst I accept that the evil acts of some Muslims have greatly damaged society, I do not accept that it is only Muslims who are to blame for the volatility of today’s world. Many commentators and experts are now openly saying that certain non-Muslim powers and groups have also played a role in undermining peace and social cohesion.’[ii]

Therefore, every time that the media uses the adjectives ‘Islamist’ and ‘Muslim’ to describe an attack or the perpetrator, they are giving legitimacy to the agendas of the attackers. They are playing into the hands of the terrorist groups.

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